Game Day App

Game Day

For ongoing events, this app lets you see the current image that is being seen by the judges and watch the results come in. This app automatically refreshes so you just sit back and watch. This app is great for projection in Club79.
  • Current image being judged
  • Thumbs of top 16 (premium members only)
  • List of last 20 scores (premium members only)
  • List of next 15 up (premium members only)
  • self-refreshing
Pre-Game* Post Game* Archive Results*
Before the event or after
this app lets you:
  • Preview Events
  • Like
  • Guess Scores
  • Build a Fantasy Case
For an ongoing event, this app lets you see all results and:
  • Sort by score
  • Sort by category
  • Sort by maker
  • Run slide show
Browse through over 124,871 archived images, see individual judges scores and listen to over 43,111 audio clips of judges debate:
  • Search by year
  • Search by association
  • Search by score
  • Search by maker
* requires premium membership