Club79 provides the ability to set up a secondary room for viewing the competition proceedings. In Club79, the rules are different. Noise is allowed, applause is encouraged and jeering is tolerated.
For so many years, watching an image competition was done in silence. With Club79, people of like interests gather to watch the event and share experiences in a more social atmosphere. There is no need to suppress your feelings of joy, excitement, or even frustration. If you are frustrated, what better environment to express yourself than with your fellow artists. If you do well, what better place to be as your friends congratulate you on your success.
Club79 works best with an emcee. Find someone who can direct the event and get more people involved with guessing games and contests. Ask vendors to provide prizes for the games. Decorate the room with a theme. Possibly ask people to bring their 79's from years past to adorn the walls. Some organizations even provide a cash bar if a regular bar is not close by.